Creation of this website was through a project of the Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project, with support from SOAS University of London, the NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs, and the Darug Tribal Aboriginal Council.


This website is presented as a homage to the Sydney Aboriginal people’s knowledge, culture, and land in 1788–1791 — and still very much alive today. It is also presented in tribute to William Dawes’ skills and humanity.

Project staff:

Project co-ordinator David Nathan
Joint co-ordinator Susannah Rayner
Corpus design, transcription, markup Stuart Brown
Photographer Christy Henshaw
Web design Nancia Guivarra
Additional research Michael Franjieh
Technical support Tom Castle
Proofing Jeremy Steele, David Seton


The project co-ordinators would like to extend their thanks to the following people for their expressions of support and contributions of various kinds that made this website and its companion book possible:

Prue Adams

Chris Burke

Paul Caine

Gayle Caldwell

Cathy Eatock

Kristina Everett

Richard Green

Nancia Guivarra

Christie Henshaw

Paul Hodge

Jim Kohen

Cat Kutay

Sandra Lee

Terry Lee

Allen Madden

David Nash

Susan Page

Nikki Parsons-Gardner

Mari Rhydwen

Anthony Seiver

David Seton

Rosemary Seton

Michael Sillelidis

Jeremy Steele

Jacinta Tobin

Jaky Troy

Michael Walsh

Aunty Edna Watson

Gail Whiteford

Funding and resouces

The co-ordinators gratefully acknowledge funding, equipment and other resources received from:
Aboriginal Affairs NSW Aboriginal Affairs, NSW HRELP Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project, SOAS
Darug TAC Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation SOAS SOAS Multimedia Board